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Table 1 Pathways correlated with a type 2 diabetic phenotype. The table shows p-values for the three pathways most correlated with blood glucose concentration as measured two hours after an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). r is the Pearson correlation. Also shown are p-values, generally indicating low significance levels, for these pathways determined from t-statistic comparisons between DM2 (type 2 diabetic) and NGT (normal glucose tolerance).

From: Pathway level analysis of gene expression using singular value decomposition

(genes in data set/total genes in pathway) Pathway glucose after OGTT DM2 vs. NGT
(96/123) Oxidative phosphorylation 0.031 (r = -0.517) 0.565 (down in DM2)
(6/6) Activation of cAMP-dependent protein kinase 0.062 (r = +0.474) 0.395 (up in DM2)
(35/40) ATP synthesis 0.166 (r = -0.432) 0.855 (down in DM2)