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Table 2 SVM features to describe stem loops, part 1. These quantities are calculated over the entire stem loop structure. The weights are normalized with respect to the first feature, which turns out also to be the one with smallest value.

From: Identification of clustered microRNAs using an ab initio prediction method

Index Feature description SVM weight
1 Free energy of folding -1
2 Length of the longest simple stem 0.547
3 Length of the hairpin loop 0.193
4 Length of the longest perfect stem 0.030
5 Number of nucleotides in symmetrical loops -0.006
6 Number of nucleotides in asymmetrical loops 0
7 Average distance between internal loops -0.029
8 Average size of symmetrical loops 0.207
9 Average size of asymmetrical loops -0.171
10/11/12/13 Proportion of A/C/G/U nucleotides in the stem 0.005/-0.003/-0.004/0.001
14/15/16 Proportion of A-U/C-G/G-U base pairs in the stem 0.015/-0.002/-0.006