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Table 2 Seven representative motifs identified by GIMF.

From: Genetic interaction motif finding by expectation maximization – a novel statistical model for inferring gene modules from synthetic lethality

  Pathway or complex Seed gene Motif gene list
1 Actin patch assembly ARC40 ARP2
2 Chitin synthase III pathway CHS7 CHS3, SKT5, CHS5
   CHS6 CHS3, SKT5
3 Prefoldin complex PAC10 GIM3, GIM4, GIM5, YKE2
4 Membrane traffic ARL1 ARL3, RIC1, YPT6
   GYP1 RIC1
5 Dynein Dynactin pathway DYN1 ARP1, DYN1, PAC11, YMR299C, DYN2, JNM1, PAC1, NIP100, NUM1
   PAC1 ARP1, DYN1, PAC11, YMR299C, DYN2, JNM1, NIP100, NUM1
   JNM1 ARP1, DYN1, PAC11, YMR299C, DYN2, NIP100, NUM1
   NUM1 JNM1
6 DNA replication checkpoint MRC1 TOF1
7 Sister chromatid cohesion DCC1 CTF4, CTF18
   CTF8 CTF18, DCC1, CTF4
  1. These gene modules correlate well with pathways inferred by hierarchical clustering (Tong et al. 2004).