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Table 4 Hot spot predictions§ from interface hub analysis on protein complexes at Imin = 4%

From: Oligomeric protein structure networks: insights into protein-protein interactions

PDB Monomer 1 Predicted mutations in monomer 1 Monomer 2 Predicted mutations in monomer 2
1A4Y Angiogenin 1 35L, 40K, 95R, 117Q RNase I 1 35D, 63R, 346Q, 349N
1CBW2 BPTI 17R, 37G Chymotrypsin 57H
2PTC BPTI **4 Trypsin 57H, 99L, 190S
1BRS Barnase 56F, 103Y Barstar 33N
1GC1 CD4 ** GP120 280N, 368D, 370E, 469R
1DVF D1.3 35Nh5, 45Lh, 50Mh, 103Lh, 106Wh, 36Yl5, 89Ql, 91Fl, 96Rl E5.2 47Wh, 99Yh, 103Wh, 36Yl, 92Nl
1VFB D1.3 35Nh, 45Lh, 40Mh, 103Lh, 106Wh, 36Yl, 44Pl, 89Ql, 91Fl, 96Rl HEL 27N
1DAN3 Factor VII 128Fh, 164Mh, 208Yh, 230Rh, 95Nl, 101Yl, 118Yl Tissue Factor 19F, 74R, 96N, 100F, 147F
3HFM HEL ** HYHEL-10 33Yh, 39Kh, 50Yh, 98Wh, 103Wh, 166Fh, 32Nl, 50Yl, 94Wl, 96Yl, 121Sl, 123El, 135Fl
3HHR3 HGH 8R, 9L, 12N, 16R, 41K hGHBP 150H, 152D, 197V, 200Y, 217R, 218N
1BXI IM9 ** E9DNase 72N, 75N, 84S, 86F, 97K
1FC2 Protein A ** IgG1 30M, 31I
1DFJ RNaseI ** RNase A 41K, 111E
1JCK SEC3 ** TcrVb 43L, 101Y, 108F
1AHW Tissue Factor 152I, 169K, 171N, 190Q, 192V, 201K Fab 5G9 32Yl, 36Yl, 50Yl, 91Hl, 135Fl, 137Nl, 33Yh, 35Hh, 45Lh, 50Lh, 52Dh, 59Ih, 102Yh, 103Yh, 104Fh, 147Kh, 170Fh
  1. § Already mutated hubs have been excluded from this table.
  2. 1 The underlined monomers are the ones where some mutations have already been carried out.
  3. 2 No hubs are obtained at Imin = 4% in 1CBW. Hence, hubs at Imin = 2% are used for prediction.
  4. 3 1DAN and 3HHR are proteins where a large number of mutations (>100) have been carried out, which have ΔΔG < 1 kcal/mol. These mutations have not been included in this analysis.
  5. 4 ** All hubs identified at Imin = 4% have already been mutated.
  6. 5 h or l accompanying a residue name corresponds to the heavy and the light chains of the corresponding antibodies.