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Table 2 CoPub Mapper test groups. Eight groups of genes with a common function, process, cellular location, or microarray expression profile, were defined from gene ontology (GO), BioCarta, or a microarray experiment. The genes used for CoPub Mapper analysis were randomly selected from larger sets of genes part of the 8 different groups.

From: CoPub Mapper: mining MEDLINE based on search term co-publication

Test groups # Genes Source
smooth muscle contraction 12 GO (Biological Process)
acetyltransferase 18 GO (Molecular Function)
nuclear pore 15 GO (Cellular Component)
nucleosome 17 GO (Cellular Component)
ubiquitin 24 GO (Molecular Function)
hypoxia 26 GO (Biological Process)
BRCA1 11 BioCarta
Epithelial-specific genes 27 UniGEM V microarray: stroma vs epithelial cells