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Table 4 The Stemloc grammar, part 3 pf 3: emissions.

From: Accelerated probabilistic inference of RNA structure evolution

L R (L → R)
xyLoopMatch baseSubstitution [A, B]
yLoopIns baseIndel [B]
xLoopDel baseIndel [A]
xyLBulgeMatch baseSubstitution [A, B]
yLBulgeIns baseIndel [B]
xLBulgeDel baseIndel [A]
xyRBulgeMatch baseSubstitution [C, D]
yRbulgeIns baseIndel [D]
xRBulgeDel baseIndel [C]
xyLRBulgeMatch baseSubstitution [A, B]
yLRBulgeIns baseIndel [B]
xLRBulgeDel baseIndel [A]
xyStemMatch basepairSubstitution [AC, BD]
yStemIns basepairIndel [BD]
xStemDel basepairIndel [AC]