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Table 3 Stop words defined by PubMed. Stop words were ignored during dictionary matching.

From: Gene/protein name recognition based on support vector machine using dictionary as features

a did it perhaps these
about do its quite they
again does itself rather this
all done just really those
almost due kg regarding through
also during km seem thus
although each made seen to
always either mainly several upon
among enough make should use
an especially may show used
and etc mg showed using
another for might shown various
any found ml shows very
are from mm significantly was
as further most since we
at had mostly so were
be has must some what
because have nearly such when
been having neither than which
before here no that while
being how nor the with
between however obtained their within
both i of theirs without
but if often them would
by in on then  
can into our there  
could is overall therefore