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Table 1 Statistics on sequence analysis. Data are derived from the outputs of the programs invoked by the pipeline. (1)Each SNP report contains data on one or more putative SNP sites. (2)The unigene dataset encompasses all the singlets plus the longest sequence of each contig. (3)Annotation threshold: E-value < 1e-10.

From: ESTree db: a Tool for Peach Functional Genomics

  Sequence Number Sequence %
Total number of sequences 18,630  
Average sequence base count 544.52  
Number of singletons 6,891 36.99
Number of contigs 2,328  
Number of sequences in contigs 11,739 63.01
Average number of sequences in each contig 5.04  
Number of SNP reports (1) 166  
Number of putative unigenes (2) 9,219 49.48
Annotated sequences (NCBI blast) (3) 13,114 70.39
Annotated sequences (GO blast) (3) 9,056 48.61
Number of enzyme sequences 661 3.55
Number of sequences linked to KEGG metabolic pathways 282 1.51