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Table 2 Genes, having expression linked to tumor mass increase, showing low expression levels in the GNFm tissue atlas. 12 genes were showing a limited expression at transcriptional level in the normal murine tissue expression atlas.

From: An integrated approach of immunogenomics and bioinformatics to identify new Tumor Associated Antigens (TAA) for mammary cancer immunological prevention

Symbol GNFm ID Mm Affy IDs Mm Gene IDs Hs Gene IDs Expression similar to Her2 in human tissues
Socs2 gnf1m24576_at 99475_at 216233 8835 Y
Spred2 gnf1m09332_s_at 161070_at 114716 200734 Y
Cdcp1 gnf1m12020_a_at 104198_at 109332 64866 Y
Rtn1 gnf1m15854_at 94545_at 104001 6252 N
Irf6 gnf1m13081_at 92440_at 54139 3664 N
Rcn2 gnf1m24916_at 93281_at 26611 5955 Y
Tes gnf1m02859_at 101551_s_at 21753 26136 Y
Sel1L gnf1m30768_a_at 92870_at, 92871_at 20338 6400 N
Rnf4 gnf1m25286_at 93782_at 19822 6047 Y
Galnt3 gnf1m24047_at 99011_at 14425 2591 Y
Cradd gnf1m27661_at 102952_g_at 12905 8738 Y
Clca1 gnf1m13262_a_at 103812_at 12722 1179 Y