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Table 4 Comparison of predictive performance of SVM based on different encoding input information. More details for prediction accuracy measurement are given in the Methods section. The results were obtained by 5-fold cross-validation.

From: Prediction of cis/trans isomerization in proteins using PSI-BLAST profiles and secondary structure information

Methods Prediction accuracy (%)
  Q 2 MCC Sensitivity Specificity
LSa 62.8 0.26 56.6 68.7
AAb 61.6 0.23 59.8 63.2
MSc 69.8 0.40 70.5 68.7
SSd 63.6 0.27 57.8 69.3
MS+SSe 71.5 0.43 70.7 72.2
  1. aLS: prediction performance for the local sequence encoding scheme;
  2. bAA: prediction performance for the amino acid composition encoding scheme of local sequence;
  3. cMS: prediction performance for the multiple sequence alignment encoding scheme in the form of PSI-BLAST profile;
  4. dSS: prediction performance for the predicted secondary structure encoding scheme by PSIPRED;
  5. eMS+SS: prediction performance for the multiple sequence alignment plus secondary structure encoding scheme.