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Table 1 Parameters used for the FCM clustering of the real datasets. Comparison of fuzzification, m, and number of clusters, c, according to the different normalization methods (values in parentheses are the numbers of clusters for the normalized data). N and p indicate the numbers of genes and arrays for the dataset used in the analysis, respectively. In particular, selection of m depends on the normalization method applied to the dataset.

From: Effect of data normalization on fuzzy clustering of DNA microarray data

    Normalization method
Dataset N p Z (c) R (c) Lowess (c)
Serum 517 13 1.25 (10) 1.30 (9) 1.30 (11)
Sporulation 522 16 1.63 (11) 1.75 (11) 1.66 (12)
Yeast 2945 7 1.16 (10) 1.28 (9) 1.66 (13)