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Figure 3

From: GOurmet: A tool for quantitative comparison and visualization of gene expression profiles based on gene ontology (GO) distributions

Figure 3

GOurmet can cluster expression profiles from varying platforms, from different labs, and of different lengths. A) Three different hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) expression profiles (one generated from a subtracted library [16], two from different GeneChips in different labs [5,6]) all cluster most closely with each other (marked by arrowheads) than with any of the other progenitor or differentiated cell profiles. B) A parent gene list composed of every annotated gene on the Moe430V2.0 GeneChip was reduced in length 10-fold by random exclusion of 9 in 10 genes and 100-fold by exclusion of 99 in 100 genes. The reduced length versions of the original list still cluster with the parent (marked by arrowheads). [32]

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