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Figure 6

From: STEM: a tool for the analysis of short time series gene expression data

Figure 6

Gene Ontology enrichment analysis table. The image shows an example of a GO enrichment analysis table. This example table contains the GO enrichment results for the set of genes shown in the upper right of Figure 5 where the enrichment is computed based on actual size enrichment. The first two columns of the table are the GO category ID and name. The third column contains the total number of genes of each GO category on the microarray. The fourth column contains for each GO category total number of genes on the microarray that were also assigned to the profile. The fifth column contains the number of genes of that GO category that were expected to be assigned to the profile, in this case computed based on the profiles actual size. The sixth column contains how many more genes were assigned than expected. The seventh and eight columns contain the p-value and corrected p-values for the enrichment. Clicking on a row of the table brings up the list of genes of that GO category that were also assigned to the profile.

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