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Figure 1

From: A new measure for functional similarity of gene products based on Gene Ontology

Figure 1

Distribution of the MFscore (A), BPscore (B), funSim score (C) for different sets of protein pairs excluding IEA and ISS annotation. The bins correspond to the following intervals of funSim values: S0.0: [0.0, 0.2[; S0.2: [0.2, 0.4[; S0.4: [0.4, 0.6[; S0.6: [0.6, 0.8[; S0.8: [0.8, 1.0]. The percentage values are calculated according to the total number of protein pairs in the different categories. The sets of the different categories contain the following numbers of protein pairs: NSS 288, LSS 364, HSS 338, and IO 563. The distributions were calculated by excluding all proteins with GO annotations with the evidence code IEA (inferred from electronic annotation) and ISS (inferred from sequence or structural similarity) from the datasets.

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