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Table 4 Assessment of the "Top 50 genes" page.

From: The Autoimmune Disease Database: a dynamically compiled literature-derived database

  # Gene-Disease Associations in GAD # correct Gene-Disease Associations not in GAD # False Recognition Precision of Gene Recognition Examples False Recognition
RANK based method 35 9 6 88% (44/50) IDDM2 (insulin dependent diabetes mellitus type II)
CD8A (CD8-Cells)
IgAN (IgA-Nephropathy)
ACR (Albumin-To-Creatinine-Ratio)
Frequency based method 34 11 5 90% (45/50) IDDM2 (insulin dependent diabetes mellitus type II)
CD8A (CD8-Cells)
PLF (Pulmonary function)
  1. The top 50 genes from the AIDB were evaluated in comparison to GAD (# genes found in GAD, correct genes not found in GAD and falsely recognised genes). The resulting precision of gene recognition is 88% for the RANK based method and 90% for the frequency based method. Erroneously recognised genes are listed in the last column.