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Figure 4

From: V-MitoSNP: visualization of human mitochondrial SNPs

Figure 4

Range and sequence for the input and output in V-MitoSNP. The mtSNP with corresponding SNP rs# ID in chromosome MT of NCBI dbSNP [19] is shown parallel if available. (A) Range input by clicking (e.g., position 5303~5803 at MITOMAP sequence of rCRS). Real-time display for positional information is provided. (B) mtBLAST provides gene coverage by mtDNA sequence. (C) and (D) are common results for both (A) and (B). (C) Gene coverage for range and sequence input. Information for all SNPs within the input data range is shown in order of the nucleotide position. (D) SNPs in the sequence can be selectively shown in red color.

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