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Table 1 GO terms revealed by comparing mouse oocyte and preimplantation embryonic transcriptomes F: molecular function. P: biological process. C: cellular component

From: GO-Diff: Mining functional differentiation between EST-based transcriptomes

GO category GO name space EST Coverage Ratio (embryos/oocyte) Corrected P_value
Protein biosynthesis P 3.0 1.3E-17
Ribosome C 4.9 9.4E-15
Ribonucleoprotein complex C 3.2 3.6E-14
Signal transduction P 0.61 5.0E-07
Cytosolic ribosome (sensu Eukarya) C 5.3 7.3E-06
M phase of meiotic cell cycle P 0.32 4.8E-05
Translational elongation P 7.0 1.0E-04
DNA replication and chromosome cycle P 0.072 2.1E-04
DNA topoisomerase type I activity F 0 3.8E-04
Ubiquitin cycle P 0.63 5.6E-04
Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme activity F 0.38 8.3E-04
Fertilization (sensu Metazoa) P 21 1.9E-03
Homologous chromosome segregation P 0.14 3.4E-03
Ubiquitin-protein ligase activity F 0.53 3.4E-03
Ribosome biogenesis and assembly P 2.5 4.2E-03
DNA topological change P 0.057 5.2E-03
Lyase activity F 18 6.3E-03
Response to DNA damage stimulus P 0.50 1.8E-02
Chromatin remodeling P 0.35 2.0E-02
Amine biosynthesis P 15 2.7E-02
Transcriptional repressor complex C 0.10 4.5E-02
Chromatin remodeling complex C 0.25 4.6E-02
Induction of apoptosis via death domain Receptors P 0.32 5.6E-02
Translation elongation factor activity F 2.8 5.9E-02
Apical junction complex C 0.27 6.3E-02
Lysosome C 3.6 6.5E-02
DNA repair P 0.52 6.8E-02
Sodium ion homeostasis P 0.079 6.8E-02
Lung development P 0.13 7.6E-02
Chaperone cofactor dependent protein folding P 12 8.5E-02