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Table 3 Squared nearest neighbor deviation measured pixel by pixel. Comparison of variability in background estimates when a quantile and a morphological filter are used. The morphological filter γ B δ b is comparable to Spot's The same parameter settings as in Table 1 have been used. The difference in s.n.n.d. between the quantile filter and the morphological filter is due to the block structure in the morphological filtered image.

From: Microarray image analysis: background estimation using quantile and morphological filters

Method Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4
  green red green red green red green red
γ B,{0.08} ζ b,7 0.066 0.047 0.058 0.024 0.089 0.024 0.151 0.031
γ B δ b 1.211 0.344 1.059 0.181 2.139 0.196 4.002 0.327