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Table 2 POS tag mapping to LGP rules

From: Lexical adaptation of link grammar to the biomedical sublanguage: a comparative evaluation of three approaches

Tag Description of tag LGP rule Description of rule class
NN common noun, sing. words.n.4 singular nouns that can be mass or countable
NNS common noun, pl. words.n.2.s plural nouns ending in "-s"
NNP proper noun, sing. CAPITALIZED-WORDS generic category for words with a capitalized first character
NNPS proper noun, pl. PL-CAPITALIZED-WORDS capitalized words ending in "-s"
JJ adjective, base UNKNOWN-WORD.a MG rule for adjectives
JJR adjective, comparative words.adj.2 comparative adjectives
JJS adjective, superlative words.adj.3 superlative adjectives
VB verb, base words.v.6.1 optionally transitive verbs (base form)
VBD verb, past tense words.v.6.3 optionally transitive verbs ("-ed" form)
VBZ verb, present 3rd pers. words.v.2.2 optionally transitive verbs ("-s" form)
VBP verb, present non-3rd words.v.6.1 optionally transitive verbs (base form)
VBG verb, gerund ING-WORDS MG rule for words ending with "-ing" (noun or verb)
VBN verb, past participle ED-WORDS MG rule for words ending with "-ed" (verb or adjective)
CD number NUMBERS MG rule for numbers
RB adverb, base words.adv.1 ordinary manner adverbs