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Table 1 Comparison of accessibility to catalytic residue distributions.

From: How accurate and statistically robust are catalytic site predictions based on closeness centrality?

Distribution1 Average Std. Dev. Number residues t-value2 p-value Percent overlap3
Catalytic 0.19 0.03 844 --- --- ---
Buried 0.18 0.05 6,310 2.0 1.5E-21 84.9
Intermediate 0.16 0.05 5,818 2.0 5.6E-58 70.4
Exposed 0.15 0.05 6,000 2.0 1.2E-101 58.7
  1. 1 Accessibility is coarse-grained into three levels, which roughly correspond to the third most buried, middle third and third least buried (exposed) residues. 2 Comparison of each accessibility-filtered PDF to the catalytic PDF; t-value and p-values are from a two-sample T-test comparing each of the accessibility PDFs to the catalytic residue PDF. 3 Percent overlap compares each accessibility level distribution to the catalytic residue distribution, which is calculated over the histogram of sampled data.