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Figure 1

From: Correlation-maximizing surrogate gene space for visual mining of gene expression patterns in developing barley endosperm tissue

Figure 1

Embedded relationships of cDNA array experiments. HiT-MDS-2 visualization of inter-relationships between cDNA array experiments from two independent series of developing barley endosperm tissue. Experiments with 4824 selected log2-normalized genes are compared by (1-Pearson correlation)pat power p = 1. Numbers denote days after flowering (DAF). From left to right a clear temporal order is found, corresponding to pre-storage (0–4 DAF), intermediate (6–12 DAF), and storage (14–26 DAF) phases of endosperm development. Day zero, related to the fertilization event, is systematically separated from rest of the early stages. While a relative delay of roughly two days is found between both experimental series during intermediate stages, late stages become more tightly linked (14–26 DAF). Embedding axis 2 separates the two series. Slight systematic differences of series 1 and 2 result from low and high phosphor image scanning resolutions, respectively, and thus from different dynamic ranges.

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