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Table 3 Parameters used for the precomputation of siRNAs.

From: sIR: siRNA Information Resource, a web-based tool for siRNA sequence design and analysis and an open access siRNA database

Design parameters Value
Percent GC Content range Moderate range, 30% to 50%
Multiple nucleotide run (Runs of 4 or more nucleotides) Avoided
Open reading frame An open reading frame region between 50 nucleotides from the 5' end and 50 nucleotides from the 3' end, downstream and upstream of the mRNA was considered for the design.
Score cutoff Score > 50. siRNAs with scores > 50 were retained
Blast Hit cutoff Number of blast hits < = 2. siRNAs with blast hits < = 2 and percent homology > 80% were retained.
  1. This table lists the exact parameters used while pre-designing siRNAs for all the genes in the human RefSeq database.