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Figure 2

From: A domain-based approach to predict protein-protein interactions

Figure 2

Comparison of the scores of the common 103 parameters that were optimized using different ranges for the scores with the inclusive set. Employed range was: (A) [0–5] and (B) [0–9]. In the figures, the vertical axis represents a particular GA run and the horizontal axis shows the optimization parameters, which are rank ordered according to their mean strength values. Each column shows the score of a particular parameter obtained in different GA runs. A consistent color through a column indicates that the optimized value of corresponding parameter is almost the same in all the GA runs. Each plot reports the optimized score set values for more than 2,000 GA runs. Intense blue and red colors respectively represent the non-interacting and interacting domain-domain pairs. The Yeast MIPS dataset compiled by Jansen et al. was used.

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