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Table 4 Cross verification with the human PPI*

From: A domain-based approach to predict protein-protein interactions

MIPS Training set Closed HPRD Test set Explanation Ratio (%)
344 pmt Positive 75.4
closed Negative 92.9
867 pmt Positive 75.5
inclusive Negative 93.7
Random Positive 70.0
scores Negative 35.9
  1. * Explanation ratios were calculated by using the indicated closed human PPI [5] datasets as testing data after the domain-domain interaction score parameters were optimized using the reported MIPS set as the training data in the DomainGA runs. Explanation ratio is simply the ratio of successful predictions to the overall number of entries in the used positive or negative PPI list. Human PPI dataset was obtained from the Human Protein Reference Database (HPRD) and it has contained 364645 positive and ~40 million negative PPIs. Of these 215 and 6892 were retained respectively after selecting the entries according to their relevance to the parameter set utilized in optimizations.