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Table 5 Domain-domain interaction scores for the pairs that appear in the iPfam database*

From: A domain-based approach to predict protein-protein interactions

Domain Name (Pfam ID) Domain Name (Pfam ID) Mean Score a (Inclusive/Closed set)
PNPase (PF03726) RNase_PH (PF01138) 7.61/7.48
GTP_EFTU (PF00009) GTP_EFTU (PF00009) 7.57
Ribosomal_L6 (PF00347) Ribosomal_L6 (PF00347) 7.56
CK_II_beta (PF01214) CK_II_beta (PF01214) 7.56/7.49
Prenyltrans (PF00432) PPTA (PF01239) 7.53
Ribosomal_S8 (PF00410) Ribosomal_S2 (PF00318) 7.52
TPR_1 (PF00515) TPR_1 (PF00515) 7.52
Ribosomal_S11 (PF00411) Ribosomal_S7e (PF01251) 7.52/7.50
IF-2B (PF01008) IF-2B (PF01008) 7.51/7.49
CK_II_beta (PF01214) Pkinase (PF00069) 7.49
Ribosomal_S2 (PF00318) Ribosomal_S2 (PF00318) 7.49
Bromodomain (PF00439) Bromodomain (PF00439) 7.48/5.66
WD40 (PF00400) G-gamma (PF00631) 7.48/1.97*
Ribosomal_L4 (PF00573) Ribosomal_L37e (PF01907) 7.48
G-alpha (PF00503) WD40 (PF00400) 7.46
PFK (PF00365) PFK (PF00365) 7.45
Ribosomal_S8e (PF01201) Ribosomal_S2 (PF00318) 7.44
GTP_EFTU (PF00009) EF1_GNE (PF00736) 7.43
Proteasome (PF00227) Proteasome (PF00227) 6.26/6.11
ATP-synt_ab (PF00006) ATP-synt_C (PF00137) 5.86
Clat_adaptor_s (PF01217) Adaptin_N (PF01602) 5.40
Ribosomal_L4 (PF00573) Ribosomal_L15e (PF00827) 5.38
Glyco_transf_20 (PF00982) Glyco_transf_20 (PF00982) 5.33
Ribosomal_L24e (PF01246) Ribosomal_L14e (PF01929) 5.30/5.39
Prefoldin (PF02996) KE2 (PF01920) 4.91
Proteasome (PF00227) AAA (PF00004) 4.75/4.92
Pkinase (PF00069) Pkinase (PF00069) 2.43*
WD40 (PF00400) WD40 (PF00400) 2.11/2.04*
RRM_1 (PF00076) RRM_1 (PF00076) 2.07*
Pkinase (PF00069) Ank (PF00023) 2.05*
Myb_DNA_binding (PF00249) Myb_DNA_binding (PF00249) 2.04*
WD40 (PF00400) PH (PF00169) 1.92/2.04*
Ank (PF00023) Ank (PF00023) 1.87*
  1. * Entries are discussed in the main text.
  2. a Scores obtained in the inclusive 867 parameter study. In the entries that contain more than one score, the second numbers are the scores for the domain pairs that were obtained in the corresponding 344 parameter closed set optimizations.