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Table 1 Number of GenMAPP MAPPs for GenMAPP supported species

From: GenMAPP 2: new features and resources for pathway analysis

Species Contributed Homology KEGG Converted
Human 109   
Mouse 109   
Rat 100   
Dog   94  
Cow   87  
Chicken   85  
Zebrafish   19 18
Fruit fly 2 25 89
Worm   19 87
Yeast 122* 9  
  1. Column Headers: Contributed: MAPPs contributed to the GenMAPP project. Homology: MAPPs mapped from human pathways using homology information. KEGG Converted: MAPPs automatically created from the KEGG resource. Note: *Includes 120 SGD metabolic MAPPs contributed by undergraduate research students mentored by Dr. Kam Dahlquist.