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Table 2 Number of biological processes pathways constructed using different GO annotations

From: Automatic extraction of gene ontology annotation and its correlation with clusters in protein networks

Annotation Number of proteins Number of connected proteins Number of groups with at least one protein/two proteins Number of pathways
Biological process GOA (public) 19,460 8,272 4,194/3,280 1,994
Biological process GOA (MedScan) 8,246 6,303 3,102/2,602 1,862
Biological process GOA (combined) 20,722 8,963 5,210/4,251 2,858
  1. Pathways were constructed as described in the Methods section. The Public Biological process GOA is publicly available GO annotation; MedScan GOA – GO annotation obtained by MedScan technology, combined GOA – GO annotation combined from public and MedScan annotations; Cellular component GOA and Molecular function GO. The number of connected proteins is the number of proteins with at least one relation to another protein in the same pathway. The number of groups is the number of GO groups that contain not less than the specified number of proteins not necessarily connected to each other. The number of pathways is the number of such GO groups that contain at least two proteins connected to each other by one or more relations from the ResNet 4.0 database.