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Table 3 Pathways enriched in subtype clusters: Enriched functional pathways in low and high grade tumor groups and within subtypes using DAVID [36] using a cutoff p < 0.01.

From: Portraits of breast cancer progression

Group Enriched pathway
LG lipid metabolism, transcriptional regulation, vesicle-mediated transport, amino-acid and derivative metabolism
LG1 small GTPase, mediated signal transduction, intracellular trafficking and vesicular transport
LG2 proteolysis collagens mRNA processing
HG mitotic cell cycle, ATM signaling pathway, role of BRCA1, BRCA2 and ATR in cancer susceptibility, cell cycle: G2/M checkpoint
HG1 ion transport
HG2 cell cycle proteolysis
HG3 collagens proteolysis
HG4 proteolysis