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Table 9 43 Protein chains used in the study

From: Prediction of the burial status of transmembrane residues of helical membrane proteins

PDB ID Protein Chains
1. 1M0L Bacteriorhodopsin A
2. 1GZM Rhodopsin A
3. 1R3J KcsA potassium channel C
4. 1J4N Aquaporin A
5. 1LDF Glycerol facilitator channel A
6. 1XQF Ammonia channel A
7. 1OTS H+/Cl- exchanger A
8. 2A65 Leucine transporter A
9. 2CFQ Lactose permease A
10. 1YEW Methane monooxygenase B, C
11. 1SU4 Calcium ATPase A
12. 2BL2 Rotor of V-type Na+-ATPase A
13. 1DXR Photosynthetic reaction center L, M, H
14. 1KF6 Fumarate reductase (E. coli) C, D
15. 1QLA Fumarate reductase (W. succinogenes) C
16. 1KQF Formate dehydrogenase N B, C
17. 1Q16 Nitrate reductase A C
18. 1NEK Succinate dehydrogenase C, D
19. 1ZOY Complex II C, D
20. 1OKC Mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier A
21. 1V55 Cytochrome C oxidase (aa3 type) B, D, G, I, J, L, M
22. 1EHK Cytochrome C oxidase (ba3 type) A, B
23. 1PP9 Cytochrome bc1 complex D, E, G, J
24. 2GIF AcrB multidrug efflux transporter A
25. 2IC8 GlpG rhomboid-family intramembrane protease A
26. 2NQ2 Putative metal-chelate-type ABC transporter A