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Figure 3

From: Classification of microarray data using gene networks

Figure 3

Representation of the classifiers. Global connection map of KEGG with mapped coefficients of the decision function obtained by applying a customary linear SVM (left) and using high-frequency eigenvalue attenuation (80% of high-frequency eigenvalues have been removed) (right). Spectral filtering divided the whole network into modules having coordinated responses, with the activation of low-frequency eigen modes being determined by microarray data. Positive coefficients are marked in red, negative coefficients are in green, and the intensity of the colour reflects the absolute values of the coefficients. Rhombuses highlight proteins participating in the Glycolysis/Gluconeogenesis KEGG pathway. Some other parts of the network are annotated including big highly connected clusters corresponding to proteinkinases and DNA and RNA polymerase sub-units.

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