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Table 3 GenBank accession numbers of the sequences used in this study.

From: In silico segmentations of lentivirus envelope sequences

EIAV AF005104 to AF005151 (except AF005113, AF005136 and AF005145 to AF005148); AF016316; AF298666 to AF298762 (except AF298752 and AF298691 to AF298694); AF429316 to AF429353
HIV K03455; AB032740, AB03274; AF133821; AF190127, AF190128; AF197340; AF209205, AF209208; AF219261, AF219272; AF322202 to AF322214; AF411964, AF411965; AF413978, AF413979; AF413987; AF443113 to AF443115; AF457079 to AF457090 (except AF457082 to AF457084, AF457086 and AF457089); AF460972, AF460974; AF484478, AF484493; AF484507 à AF484519 (except AF484508, AF484510, AF484512 and AF484517); AF529572, AF529573; AF530576; AF544007, AF544008; AJ417424 to AJ417431; AY037268 to AY037270; AY037280 to AY037283; AY158533 to AY158535; AY173957, AY173958; AY217545; AY228556, AY228557; AY253305 to AY253322 (except AY253307, AY253309, AY253315 to AY253316 and AY253319); AY255823 to AY255827; AY322184 to AY322191 (except AY322186 and AY322188); AY357571 to AY357576 (except AY357574); AY358069 to AY358073 (except AY358070); AY371155 to AY371163 (except AY371158 to AY371162); AY423908 to AY423928; AY494965 to AY494974 (except AY494967 to AY494968, AY494970 and AY494972); AY505010, AY505011; AY535509 to AY535513; AY563169; AY818641 to AY818643
SIV AF075269; AF103818; AF131870; AF188114 to AF188116; AF328295; AF334679; AF382828, AF382829; AF447763; AY033233; AY159321, AY159322; AY169968; AY221508 to AY221513; AY290709 to AY290716; AY523865 to AY523867; AY587015; AY588946; AY599198 to AY599201; AY611488; L20008, L20009; L20098, L20099; L40990; M29975; M33262; M58410; M66437; M83293; U04005; U10897 to U10898; U25712 to U25715; U25744, U25745; U58991; U72748
SRLV A15114; AF015180; AF156858 to AF156877; AF338227; AF474005 to AF474007; AF479638; AJ400718 to AJ400721; AY039765 to AY039784; L06906; M31646; M33677; M34193; M60609, M60610; M60855; S51392; S55323; U35795 to U35804 (except U35797, U35802 and U35803); U51910
BIV L43126 to L43132; M32690; NC_001413; L04972; U80989 to U80991
FIV M25381; M36968; L00608; M59418; X57001 to X57002; M73964 to M73965; X60725; L06725; X69494 to X69502 (except X69495, X69500 and X69501)