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Table 5 Assessing the effect of array failure on estimated ratios for the loop design

From: Evaluation of time profile reconstruction from complex two-color microarray designs

Array removed lmbr anovaFix anovaMix Conditions affected
1 0.5964 0.6461 0.5312 T1/T3
2 0.7161 0.7545 0.6559 T3/T5
3 0.6713 0.8883 0.7606 T5/T6
4 0.5697 0.7883 0.6637 T6/T4
5 0.4359 0.6042 0.5534 T4/T1
Mean 0.5979 0.7363 0.6330  
  1. The different methods for which the influence of array failure was assessed are represented in the columns. Each row shows the mean correlation between the corresponding estimated ratios from the complete design and those obtained from a defect design (where one array was removed compared to the complete design). Mean: shows the overall mean correlation for a given method. Lmbr_dye and limmaQual were not evaluated as in this particular case they lose their main differing characteristic compared to lmbr.