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Figure 5

From: Studying the functional conservation of cis-regulatory modules and their transcriptional output

Figure 5

Accuracy of the best TrainedMinusT6 model in predicting the location of MSE2 in other species. The table shows the results of the model using predicted TFBSs trained on the 1300 bp MSE2 region from D. melanogaster as a predictor. Column one shows evolutionary distances of the examined species as a tree. Columns two to four shows the RMS error and window size of the optimal window and whether or not it overlaps with the UCSC-aligned MSE2. The last column shows the MMETA score, where the MSE2 from D. melanogaster is aligned with the optimal window (the UCSC-aligned MSE2). The abbreviations of the Drosophila species in column one are given in the Supplementary material.

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