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Figure 1

From: Automating dChip: toward reproducible sharing of microarray data analysis

Figure 1

The dChip automation dialog to specify automation file name, organize menu steps and viewpoints, and edit comments. The following menu steps and viewpoints are included in the automation file "lung_10k_demo": "Analysis/Open group" menu to open a set of array image files and read in a sample information file, "Analysis/Normalize & Model" menu to normalize data and compute SNP signal values, "Tools/Export expression" menu to export signal values into a data file, "Analysis/Chromosome" menu to view copy number and loss of heterozygosity data along chromosome, and a chromosome viewpoint to display an interesting chromosome region. Comments associated with an automation step can be edited in the box on the left. "Analysis/Normalize & Model" is not selected in the dialog since it only needs to be run once to save results into dChip internal data files, which are used in subsequent or shared dChip sessions.

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