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Figure 6

From: A novel series of compositionally biased substitution matrices for comparing Plasmodium proteins

Figure 6

Counts of P. falciparum/P. yoelii homologous pairs as identified using BLAST with different substitution matrices. Results of an all vs. all BLAST search for P. falciparum and P. yoelii proteins are reported as Venn diagrams. Numbers correspond to the number of hits (homologs) found by using BLOSUM62 and CBM/10-2-1 matrices in BLAST at the two different e-value cutoffs 1e-10 (A) and 1e-20 (B). The number of hits identified by BLOSUM62 are in the green parts, that relative to hits identified only by CBM/10-2-1 are in the blue ones, while the amount of hits found by both matrices are in the yellow regions.

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