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Table 1 Tools used to describe and compare microbial communities.

From: A statistical toolbox for metagenomics: assessing functional diversity in microbial communities

Tool Application Input Reference
DOTUR/MG-DOTUR Assigns sequences to OTUs based on genetic distance between sequences and constructs rarefaction curves and collector's curves for richness and diversity estimators Distance Matrix or BLAST Table [30]
SONS Generates collector's curves for estimates of the fraction and richness of OTUs shared between communities OTU Designation [56]
∫-LIBSHUFF/MG-LIBSHUFF Tests whether the structures of two communities are the same, different, or subsets of one another using the Cramer-von Mises statistic Distance Matrix or BLAST Table [31, 32]
AMOVA/MG-AMOVA Determines whether two or more communities differ significantly in genetic diversity using an analysis of variance-type formulation Distance Matrix or BLAST Table [33, 47, 48]