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Table 1 Comparison of the top 7 cytogenetic bands related to gender detected by different methods.

From: Testing gene set enrichment for subset of genes: Sub-GSE

Sub-GSE GSEA sigPath
set names q-value set names FDR set names max q-value
chrY 0 chrY 0 chrY 0
chrYq11 0 chrYq11 0.000801147 chrYq11 0
chrYp11 0 chrYp11 0.000811309 chrYp11 0
chrXp22 0.147 chrYp11_Xp22 0.25508726 chrYp11_Xp22 0.315700257
chrX 0.294 chr11p12 0.31999215 chr1q22 0.990782566
chrXp11 0.686 chr6q24 0.6108403 chr20p11 0.991916264
chr15q11 0.924 chr5p14 0.6131663 chr15q21 0.991916264
  1. The top 7 gene sets by Sub-GSE, GSEA and sigPath and their corresponding p-values, FDR and max q-values. The cytogenetic bands chrYp11_Xp22 was named chrYp22 in the original gene set data which include 8 genes that are on both chrYp11 and chrXp22.