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Table 1 Pattern of stimulation of the 14 normal circulating B cells in class A

From: Not proper ROC curves as new tool for the analysis of differentially expressed genes in microarray experiments

N Pattern of stimulation
  Heavily stimulated cells
1    Blood B cells;anti-IgM+CD40L low 48 h
2    Blood B cells;anti-IgM+CD40L high 48 h
3    Blood B cells;anti-IgM+CD40L 24 h
4    Blood B cells;anti-IgM 24 h
5    Blood B cells;anti-IgM+IL-4 24 h
6    Blood B cells;anti-IgM+CD40L+IL-4 24 h
  Slightly or not stimulated cells
7    Blood B cells;anti-IgM+IL-4 6 h
8    Blood B cells;anti-IgM 6 h
9    Blood B cells;anti-IgM+CD40L 6 h
10    Blood B cells;anti-IgM+CD40L+IL-4 6 h
11    Blood B cells;memory CD27+
12    Blood B cells;naive CD27-
13    Blood B cells
14    Cord Blood B
  1. Note: sample number (N) corresponds to the original location of each sample in the original data set: