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Figure 5

From: mtDNAmanager: a Web-based tool for the management and quality analysis of mitochondrial DNA control-region sequences

Figure 5

An example of artificial recombination error detection using mtDNAmanager. (A) USA.AFR.000074 [52, 65] did not show a match with African populations or affiliations with either haplogroup. (B) Since the data set was known to be prepared from separate amplification of hypervariable regions, a possible artificial recombination was checked using query tools. The results showed that the HV1 sequence was only evident in the L1b1 haplogroup, and the HV2 sequence was only evident in the L2a1 haplogroup. (C) The corrected sequence [52] was annotated with both the expected and estimated haplogroups of L1b.

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