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Table 1 Microarray datasets used in this study

From: Expression profiles of switch-like genes accurately classify tissue and infectious disease phenotypes in model-based classification

Tissue Phenotype Data   
Tissue No. of Samples Gene Expression Omnibus/Array Express Accn. #
Adipose 10 GSE3526
Adrenal 20 GSE3526, GSE8514, GSE2316
Brain 89 GSE3526, GSE7621, GSE7307, GSE2361, E_AFMX-11, E-TABM-20,
Colon 10 E-TABM-176, GSE8671, GSE9254, GSE9452
Epidermal 25 GSE1133, GSE2361, GSE3419, GSE3526, GSE7307
Heart 38 E_AFMX-11, E-MIMR-27, GSE1133, GSE2240, GSE2361, GSE3526, GSE3585, GSE7307
Kidney 10 E_AFMX-11, GSE2004, GSE2361, GSE3526, GSE7392
Liver 10 E_AFMX-11, GSE2004, GSE3526, GSE6764
Lung 26 E-MEXP-231, GSE10072, GSE1133, GSE2361, GSE3526
Mammary 15 E-TABM-66, GSE2361, GSE3526, GSE7307, GSE7904
Muscle 64 GSE10760, GSE2328, GSE3526, GSE5110, GSE6798, GSE7307, GSE9103,
Ovary 10 GSE2361, GSE3526, GSE6008, GSE7307
Pancreas 6 GSE1133, GSE2361, GSE7307
Peripheral blood 12 GSE7462, GSE8608, GSE8668, GSE8762, GSE9692
Small intestine 7 GSE2361, GSE7307
Spleen 12 GSE2004, GSE2361, GSE3526, GSE7307
Stomach 10 GSE2361, GSE3526, GSE7307
Testis 38 E_AFMX-11, GSE1133, GSE2361, GSE3218, GSE3526, GSE7307, GSE7808
Thymus 5 GSE1133, GSE2361, GSE7307
Infectious Disease
Disease No. of Samples Gene Expression Omnibus/Array Express Accn. #
Hepititis C 147 GSE11190, GSE7123
HIV 41 GSE6740, GSE9927
Influenza A 28 GSE6269
Malaria 15 GSE5418