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Table 1 Pairs of alleles at HLA different loci, with complete LD (|D'| = 1) (n = 61 individuals)

From: Evaluation of two methods for computational HLA haplotypes inference using a real dataset

Class I Class II Class I + Class II
A*01-B*37 DR*01-DQB*04 A*31-DQB*05
A*02-B*41 DR*03-DQB*02 A*31-DR*01
A*02-B*58 DR*04-DQB*03 A*33-DQB*03
A*03-B*49 DR*07-DQB*02 A*33-DR*11
A*03-B*56 DR*09-DQB*03 B*40-DQB*06
A*11-B*40 DR*10-DQB*05 B*40-DR*13
A*23-B*45 DR*11-DQB*03 B*41-DQB*03
A*26-B*52 DR*12-DQB*03 B*41-DR*13
A*29-Cw*16   B*45-DQB*02
A*33-B*18   B*45-DR*07
A*33-Cw*05   B*49-DQB*03
B*07-Cw*07   B*49-DR*13
B*14-Cw*08   B*51-DR*09
B*15-Cw*03   B*52-DQB*06
B*37-Cw*06   B*52-DR*15
B*40-Cw*02   B*56-DQB*05
B*41-Cw*07   B*56-DR*01
B*45-Cw*06   B*57-DQB*03
B*49-Cw*07   B*57-DR*04
B*51-Cw*14   B*58-DQB*03
B*52-Cw*12   B*58-DR*04
B*56-Cw*01   Cw*12-DQB*06