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Table 12 Distribution of the m informative GO terms. Most instructive GO terms (80%) are not offspring of the essential GO terms that the ratios are 26/32 and 36/45 for SCL12L and SCL16L, respectively.

From: ProLoc-GO: Utilizing informative Gene Ontology terms for sequence-based prediction of protein subcellular localization

  SCL12L (m = 44) SCL16L (m = 60)
Essential GO terms 12: 1 (B), 11 (C) 15: 1(B), 14(C)
Instructive GO terms: 32: 45:
(a) offspring of some essential GO term 4 (C) 9 (C)
(b) between two essential GO terms 2 (C) 0
(c) not offspring of any essential GO term 7(M), 14(B), 5 (C) 18(M), 13(B), 5(C)