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Table 1 Normalisation methods used in the comparison. Normalisation methods used in the comparison. Offset and scaling parameters are used as in Equation 1. Note that for each method these parameters are estimated globally as well as locally and evaluated separately. Formal definitions of these methods can be found in Additional file 2.

From: Comparison of normalisation methods for surface-enhanced laser desorption and ionisation (SELDI) time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometry data

No Offset (Θ) Scaling (Δ) Working name Citation
1 0 mean Zero mean [15,16]
2 0 median Zero median [8]
3 0 sd Zero SD  
4 0 mad Zero MAD  
5 mean sd Mean SD  
6 median mad Median MAD  
7 median iqr Median quantile [17]
8 min range Min range ([18])