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Table 1 Results of IGHV identification of 500 sampled sequences using six tools.

From: Ab-origin: an enhanced tool to identify the sourcing gene segments in germline for rearranged antibodies

  Number of being rejecteda Incorrect pickups of IGHV3-23b Correct pickups of IGHV3-23 Accuracy (%)c
IMGT\V-QUEST 0 1 499 ~100
SoDA 1 0 499 ~100
JOINSOLVER 1 17 482 96.4*
VDJsolver 0 0 500 100
iHMMune-align 24 0 476 95.2*
  1. The numbers of correct and incorrect pickups are shown here, together with the number of input sequences which can't be deciphered (being rejected) by the six tools. A correct pickup is defined as a successful identification of IGHV3-23 gene within the 500 samples, allowing for mismatched alleles.
  2. * Demonstrate that the accuracy of Ab-origin is significantly higher than that of this tool.
  3. a Number of the input sequences cannot be deciphered by the tool due to various reasons.
  4. b Number of the incorrect pickups among the sequences already been deciphered.
  5. c Accuracy = Correct pickups/500