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Table 5 Gene/protein name snippets.

From: Normalizing biomedical terms by minimizing ambiguity and variability

Snippets in context EntrezGene IDs
… conserved in VH1 and the VH1-related (VHR) human protein. 1845
These properties suggest that VHR is capable of regulating intracellular … 1845
… the kinase domain of the keratinocyte growth factor receptor ( … 2263
… (bek/fibroblast growth factor receptor 2) were infected with … 2263
The Ah (dioxin) receptor binds a number of widely disseminated … 196
… as a component of the DNA binding form of the Ah receptor. 196
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Examples of the gene/protein name snippets used in the lookup experiments reported in Table 6 and 7. The snippets are indicated in boldface type.