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Table 1 Example of an ENTREZ-Gene record and the corresponding GeneRiF (italic added)

From: Gene Ontology density estimation and discourse analysis for automatic GeneRiF extraction

Locus - ABCA1: ATP-binding cassette, sub-family A (ABC1), member 1
MEDLINE record - PMID - 12804586
TI - Dynamic regulation of alternative ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 transcripts.
AB - (…)
The longest (class 1) transcripts were abundant in adult brain and fetal tissues. Class 2 transcripts predominated in most other tissues. The shortest (class 3) transcripts were present mainly in adult liver and lung. To study the biochemical significance of changes in transcript distribution, two cell models were compared. In primary human fibroblasts, upregulation of mRNA levels by oxysterols and retinoic acid increased the relative proportion of class 2 transcript compared to class 1. Phorbol ester stimulated human macrophage-derived THP-1 cells increased the abundance of class 1 transcripts relative to class 2. In both cell lines class 3 transcript levels were minimal and unchanged. It is shown here for the first time that the regulation of ABCA1 mRNA levels exploits the use of alternative transcription start sites.
GeneRiF: regulation of ABC A1 mRNA levels exploits the use of alternative transcription start sites