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Table 4 The pathways involved with both unique VIP genes and common genes for the van't Veer dataset

From: Very Important Pool (VIP) genes – an application for microarray-based molecular signatures

Pathway name Unique gene Common gene Category
Estrogen signaling pathway IGFBP5 (AF055033, NM_000599) BTG2, PTGER3 Breast cancer
p21 mediated pathway BUB1B, CENPA EX01, PRC1 Cell-cycle
CEBPalpha mediated pathway MMP9 BTG2 Chronic myeloid leukemia
WNT signaling pathway WNT11 FGF18 Colon Cancer
Tat signaling pathway PSMD2 PSMD7 Acquired immuno deficiency syndrome
Responsive genes MMP9 BTG2 Prostate cancer
Responsive genes MMP9, IGFBP5 (AF055033, NM_000599) PRAME Ovarian cancer