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Table 6 Example of two alignment bins classified as ambiguous

From: Tools for T-RFLP data analysis using Excel

Samples 1 2 3 4 5 6 No of T-RFs Min size Max size Mean size Ambiguous
T-RF 1 309.61 309.30   310.29    3 309.30 310.29 309.73 Yes
T-RF 2    310.31   311.18 310.46 3 310.31 311.18 310.65 Yes
  1. The table replicates the output of the procedure “J_Check_AlignedConsensus”. Following the columns of the six samples, where the given numbers are the T-RF sizes in bases, are columns for the number of T-RFs, the minimum T-RF size, the maximum T-RF size and the mean T-RF size in each alignment bin. The last column is either “Yes” or “No”, indicating whether the alignment bin is ambiguous or not.