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Table 2 H5N1 clades

From: Comparative structural analysis of haemagglutinin proteins from type A influenza viruses: conserved and variable features

Clade Year Strain name Genomic Ac Protein Ac
0 1996-2002 A/Goose/Guangdong/1/1996 AF144305.1 AAD51927.1
1 (c) 2002-2003 A/Quail/Shantou/3054/2002 CY028946.1 ACA47648.1
2 (c) 2005 A/Bar-headed Gooze/Qinghai/75/2005 DQ095619.1 AAZ16276.1
3 2000-2001 A/Duck/Hong Kong/2986.1/2000 AY059481.1 AAL31387.1
4 2002-2003 A/Duck/Shantou/700/2002 CY028943.1 ACA47615.1
5 2000-2003 A/Duck/Zhejiang/52/2000 AY585377.1 AAT12042.1
6 2002-2004 A/Duck/Hubei/wg/2002 DQ997094.1 ABI94747.1
7 (c) 2002-2004 A/Chicken/Shanxi/2/2006 DQ914814.3 ABK34764.2
8 2001-2004 A/Chicken/Hong Kong/61.9/2002 AY575876.1 AAT39076.1
9 2003-2005 A/Duck/Guangxi/50/2001 AY585375.1 AAT12040.1
  1. Periods (years) of circulation, strain names (based on year and location of identification) and accession numbers (for both genomic and protein data) are reported for each clade. Circulating clades are marked by (c).