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Figure 4

From: SPoRE: a mathematical model to predict double strand breaks and axis protein sites in meiosis

Figure 4

SPoRE performance in detecting axis proteins and DSB hotspots for S. cerevisiae . Peaks localisation (not density) in SPoRE curves is compared to peaks localisation in experimental curves for axis proteins [9] (A) and DSBs [24] (B). Positive Predictive Value (PPV) and Sensitivity (see Methods) obtained with SPoRE models (number 3 for axis proteins and number 6 for DSBs) are reported for increasing values of the parameter Δ, representing the maximum distance allowed between two peaks to say that they match. The vertical bars in the plots correspond to Δ=1 kb and 1.5 kb in A and to Δ=150 nt and 300 nt in B. Different random models are used to analyze SPoRE behavior (see Methods): best PPV/sensitivity over 1000 simulations (blue), PPV/sensitivity for a p-value of 5% (green), average PPV/sensitivity over 1000 simulations.

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